Which supplements does Junior Mr Olympia use?

Which supplements does Junior Mr Olympia use?

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For this blog, Only Whey has been given the opportunity to interview Jannes Manderfeld. Who happens to be Junior Mr Olympia 2019.

Which supplements are absolutely necessary?
- ''In my opinion, a regular whey, isolate or hydroisolate is your first go-to, I personally prefer the Bluelab line by my sponsor USN. Besides that, I believe omega 3, and multivitamins are the first supplements you should buy.''

Which supplements do you currently use? Why and when?
- ''Okay so, i use these supplements daily, and i will also explain why:
- USN Bluelab - Post workout, and in my morning breakfast shake. - A shake allows me to consume higher amounts of kcals, and with USN Bluelab i can add protein of the best quality.
- Multivitamins - Every morning. - Vitamins play a huge role in overall health, but also in muscle growth and digestability.
- USN BCAA Power Punch - Intra workout - I use USN BCAA Power Punch during my training, for recovery purposes. I combine it with:
- NXT EAA - Intra workout - Besides BCAA, i prefer using an EAA supplement, to optimize recovery. Also combined with:
NXT Glyco PWR - Intra workout - Great formula based on Cyclic dextrin to achieve an insane pump, and help my recovery.
Omega 3 - Every morning - Exclusively for health reasons.
USN 3XT Pump - Pre Workout - One of my favourite pre workout formulas out there. Not crazy high in stimulant, but plenty of power. Insane pumps and focus.

I might also eat a USN Trust Crunch Bar or a Trust Filled Cookie from time to time, just because i love the taste of them. I also use a mass gainer from time to time. Most of what i eat is still regular food, because i think those should Always be the staple of your diet. But supplements are extremely convenient and effective!''

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