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Premium Whey is a mixture of the best whey protein concentrate and isolate, without unnecessary additives. This blend is created under the most efficient circumstances, with the best possible resources out there. This creates unmatchable taste, excellent quality and good solubility in both water and milk.

This product is perfectly suited to supplement the deficiency of protein arising from intense exercise. Designed for muscle growth and recovery, competitive sports, bodybuilding or during a reduction diet for fat loss.

- Supports the growth of muscle mass
- Added amino acids for muscle regeneration
- Prevents muscle breakdown
- Great digestibility
- Zero unnecessary additives
- Wide range of flavours
- Helps maintain healthy bones
- Fabricated to HHCIP standards
- Enhanced recovery

‘’I created this formula so that it is an ideal addition for both the amateur and the professional athlete. For me, I go for quality, and taste, so I can be as efficient as I can be as a bodybuilder, and also enjoy my daily protein shake.’’

Jannes Manderfeld
Junior Mr Olympia Winner
Co Founder Only Whey


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