Which supplements does Junior Mr Olympia use?

Which supplements does Junior Mr Olympia use?

For this blog, Only Whey has been given the opportunity to interview Jannes Manderfeld. Who happens to be Junior Mr Olympia 2019.

Which supplements are absolutely necessary?
- ''In my opinion, a regular whey, isolate or hydroisolate is your first go-to, I personally prefer the Bluelab line by my sponsor USN. Besides that, I believe omega 3, and multivitamins are the first supplements you should buy.''

Which supplements do you currently use? Why and when?
- ''Okay so, i use these supplements daily, and i will also explain why:
- USN Bluelab - Post workout, and in my morning breakfast shake. - A shake allows me to consume higher amounts of kcals, and with USN Bluelab i can add protein of the best quality.
- Multivitamins - Every morning. - Vitamins play a huge role in overall health, but also in muscle growth and digestability.
- USN BCAA Power Punch - Intra workout - I use USN BCAA Power Punch during my training, for recovery purposes. I combine it with:
- NXT EAA - Intra workout - Besides BCAA, i prefer using an EAA supplement, to optimize recovery. Also combined with:
NXT Glyco PWR - Intra workout - Great formula based on Cyclic dextrin to achieve an insane pump, and help my recovery.
Omega 3 - Every morning - Exclusively for health reasons.
USN 3XT Pump - Pre Workout - One of my favourite pre workout formulas out there. Not crazy high in stimulant, but plenty of power. Insane pumps and focus.

I might also eat a USN Trust Crunch Bar or a Trust Filled Cookie from time to time, just because i love the taste of them. I also use a mass gainer from time to time. Most of what i eat is still regular food, because i think those should Always be the staple of your diet. But supplements are extremely convenient and effective!''

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