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We proudly present the new acquisition of Only Whey.
From now on Jeffrey "Giant'' (or Reus in Dutch) Latour is part of the team!

About Jeffrey:
Bodybuilder in heart and soul and proud daddy of 2 great kids!

Jeff is a real heavyweight and competes at 120kg+ stage weight in the "super heavyweight" (100kg+) class!

He is also founder co-owner of Team Samensterk and head coach of the men.
Jeffrey "Giant" Latour, as many will know him, the big friendly giant. Underneath all those muscles and strength is a lot of feelings, love and passion. Jeff's strongest strengths are his dedication, honesty and directness, passion for what he does, coaching in the mental and motivating aspect. He will do everything he can to help you on all sides and get the best out of it. Both physically and mentally.

He is always very honest and says what it says, not always nice to hear some things, but this creates clarity and trust. Helping people is in his blood, in addition to this field of work he has been working for almost 20 years as a pedagogical staff member at a boarding school and helping/guiding people is second nature to him.

He will not rest until you have reached the finish line together. Ups and downs, he drags everyone through it and is ready to help them.
Jeff can look back on great competitions (National and International) and very nice victories (on multiple levels). 

We are extremely proud to be able to call Jeffrey part of our team.

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